Magnetic Lashes Are Not As Easy As They Look

   Ladies, we have been seeing this new magnetic lash concept all over the Internet for months now, but I actually found them in a random store at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on my way to Florida last weekend.

   I'm not gonna lie, the first time I used them was a disaster and I tried for HOURS to figure it out! Here's a glimpse into my nightmare!

   I will say, it did get easier the more I used them but there is an apparent learning curve. My advice, if you think you are going to go down this road buy two sets because you will probably destroy the first pair trying to figure it out.

Drybar Grand Opening


Old Fashions, Dirty Martinis, and Mai Tais? Sounds like a party! However, those are just some of the hairstyles you can choose from when you visit South Parks newest and trendiest salon, Drybar. This revolutionary salon specializes in express blowouts only! No cuts. No color. Just blowouts! With locations in 21 states, Drybar is an exciting addition to Charlotte's growing culture. 

I first learned about this unique salon on a trip to see my sister-in-law in Atlanta Ga, when I visited their Buckhead location. After a Cosmo blowout (loose tousled curls) I became hooked on their Dry Shampoo and Sea Salt Spray. So, you could imagine my excitement when I learned they were opening a brick and mortar location right here in South Park! 

For me, what started as a love for Drybar's products has quickly grown into an obsession with their blowouts after learning about their membership program. 

For $80 a month you receive:
Two blowouts
10% off products and tools
Rollover of unused blowouts
$5 off any additional blowouts
Free birthday blowout during your birthday month

It's a pretty cool concept for a woman on the go. Plus, if you are having a special event and want to impress your gal pals with some pampering they cater to birthdays, wedding parties, bridal & baby showers too! 

You can check out this chic little salon in The Colony Shops by calling (704) 448-2416 or book an appointment online here. 

Exuviance Skin Care


I get messages all the time about my skincare regimen. So, I am opening up about my constantly changing skin. 

I wish skincare was cut and dry but the truth is not every product is for everyone. What works for some may not be best for others. However, I am sharing my skincare journey with all of you because I found a company that does wonders for many different types of skin. 

My skin, for the most part, is normal (not oily), although I do have patches of unevenness around my chin. Originally, after using the Exuviance skincare line, I loved the Detox Charcol Mask (which I still can't live without) but my long-term "must-have" product is the Probiotic lysate Anti-Pollution Essence. It has added a youthfulness to my skin that I haven't had in YEARS! 

Check out my vlog below to see the products I loved while trying the Exuviance skincare line! 


It All Makes Scents


Every once in a while I like to take a people poll on Instagram. Example. What is your favorite shade of nail polish this season?

This week in Charlotte we had a little time on our hands. Six inches of snow caused us to cancel two days of work and left the rest of the country laughing out loud at the Carolinas for not knowing how to handle a few flurries.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about having 2 days to play outside, but I am originally from Pittsburgh and my father would be rolling over in his grave to find out that I asked Maney to pick me up for work so I didn't have to deal with the roads. I can hear him right now. "LauRen! You've gone soft!"

Nonetheless, I thought I would take the opportunity to get the pulse of the people when it came to the age-old question, what is your scent?

I shared a photo of one of my all-time favorite perfumes, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, and asked my followers what their favorites were? Clearly, I was not alone in my love for Chanel but here are the Top 5 finalist.

- Flowerbomb
- Angel
- YSL Black Opium
-  Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
- Chanel Chance

Messy Curls Tutorial


Good Morning Beauty Babes!

I feel like I have been running non-stop between my job, blogging and choreographing. Things have been a little hectic around here lately.

As some of you know I am a former professional cheerleader and pageant girl. About 7 years ago I carved myself out a nice little nitch job as a part-time stage director and choreographer for Five Crown Productions.

Over the last month, I have produced both the Miss DC USA and Miss Connecticut USA pageants. These winners will go on to compete at the nationally televised Miss USA pageant later this year.

With all of these gorgeous gals around me I thought for sure you guys would be asking about them, but recently I have gotten a ton of questions about how I curl my own hair! So while I was away at the Miss DC USA pageant I put together a little tutorial on how I get my messy curls.

 Stay tuned for a tutorial on my day to day curls early next week.


Impressions Vanity Mirror


Okay, do you want the "real" on what I think about this mirror? 

I LOVE IT! I love everything about it! 

I had seen this Impressions vanity mirror featured on other bloggers sites and everyone seemed to love it. I thought since I had been looking for a new vanity mirror myself I would put it on my Christmas list and see if Santa delivered. He did. 

Although I had to wait a little longer because this mirror was on back order ( they seem to be fully stocked now) it arrived New Year's Eve and I got to test it out with my NYE look. 

I was a little leary originally that the lights wouldn't be bright enough for what I was looking for, but upon further inspection, they are amazing and adjustable. You simply hold your finger over the circle on the bottom of the mirror and the light dims or brightens.

The mirror itself is also a lot larger than I had anticipated. 

There are two other features I was intrigued to find out about this mirror. One, it is a rechargeable wireless station, so it does not need to be plugged in for use. It does have a cord for charging but you can take it with you to do your make up in other rooms without having to worry about a plug, and I am way guilty of doing my makeup while sitting on the bed. 

The second feature that really made this mirror for me is it's Bluetooth wireless connection to your phone. Thus, you can listen to your favorite music app or even take a call!

Definitely one of my favorite gifts that I received this holiday. The Impression's line is ... well, impressive! Not only do they sell these consumer mirrors (and to go compacts) but they also offer a more professional version if you are looking to put together a dressing room.

Shop the products by clicking the photos below!

Mud Facial Bar


Nestled into the heart of South Park off of Sharon Rd, there is an express spa that caught my attention when I heard they were offering breast milk facials. Mud Facial Bar has a new concept to the old school facial. 

Now I have always heard that breast milk cures everything, but I had to see this for myself. Although the facial concoction does contain breast milk it is a small amount and smells like lavender. If you can get past the fact that someone's breast milk is on your face it is actually great for your skin!

The other facial that I have experienced at Mud is their Detox facial with charcoal as the active ingredient. It left my skin feeling squeaky clean and smooth. 

I love the concept of the express facial. We come in contact with bacteria and dirt every day and unless you are using a Clarisonic daily there is a ton of dirt, makeup, and grime that sits in your pores and causes breakouts and acne. 

The idea of receiving a mini facial more often is genius. Before I found Mud I would typically only treat myself to a facial once or twice a year, when in reality we should be getting our faces as clean as possible as often as possible. 

Mud facials run about $45 a session or they have a membership program. No worries, if you'd like to try it before you commit, they also have a new client special that will get you 3 facials for $115. 

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